Compatible Devices For Invisible Charger

Kpon invisible long-range wireless charger is a resonance-based wireless charger. it charges your phone through tables and other furniture and works for most Qi-enabled devices. 

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Kpon invisible charger was first designed to charge your cell phones with pre-installed Qi wireless charging components, however, the speed of how fast consumer electronic manufacturers embrace wireless charging surprised us. Now, not only you can use Kpon invisible charger to charge your phones and AirPods, but it also supports Qi-enabled mouse and other smaller devices, you can use this charger under your table, or installed it in your store to bring safe and complimenting service to your customers. 

How Different Phone Models Work With Kpon Invisible Charger

The charging speed varies from one brand to another,  Apple set a limitation of 7.5 charging voltage for their phones while you can charge a Xiaomi phone with 45 charging voltage through fast cable chargers. Below is how fast Kpon invisible charger charges different models of phones.

Some examples:

  • 10W Fast Charging For:  Samsung Galaxy S10 / S9+ / S9 / S8 / S8+ / S7 edge / S7 / S6 edge+ Samsung Note 10 / Note 9 / Note 8 / Note 7
  • 7.5W Charging For: iPhone 13/Iphone 13 Pro/ iPhone 13 Pro Max/ iPhone 12/ iPhone 12 Pro/ iPhone 12 Pro Max/ iPhone 11/ 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / XS Max / iPhone XR / iPhone XS / iPhone X / iPhone 8 / 8 Plus (Phones with iOS 13.1 and above only support 5W charging.) Apple AirPods 1 / AirPods 2/ AirPods Pro 
  • 5W Standard Wireless Charging For All Qi-enabled android phones and devices Pixel 3 / Pixel 3XL

What Are The Devices Doesn't Work With Invisible Charger

If your phone or device isn't Qi-enabled, then the invisible charger will not charge and will flash red light, signal of a foreign object indicator is activated, which happens when you place a piece of metal on the charger which equals to a phone that is not Qi-enabled. 
You also can't use the invisible charger on your car or yacht without using a QC 3.0  car charger. (QC 3.0 stands for Qualcomm Charger 3.0)


Setting up the invisible charger is easy, you can get help from the locationing magnets or the indicator lights. What makes it more interesting is how you can DIY with it. You can use it to upgrade a wireless charging countertop, or create a magical charging spot on diner table.  Doesn't matter if you use the sticker or not, this wireless charging is watre-proof too.

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