Why we do it

pioneers of wireless technology

The brand story started with two young folks from Virginia Tech, CPES. As millennials who borned in early 80s, they grew up witnessing how technology transformed people's daily life, with the details of the modern technology getting more complex. What to do is next is obvious, make everything simpler for everyone.

How we do it

Geeks are on fire

With what they learnt in Virginia Tech, CPES and years of experiments, they introduced the world first long-distance wireless charger that based on low-requency magnetic resonnance technology.

What do we do?

General destination

What started as a simple idea has been helping people from every industries. Not only we offer a simpler charging option in consumer electronic industry, but also making great progress on wireless charging technology with electric vehicles, further more, in medical industry, our products has been helping doctors and patiences to reduce risk and save money with important equipments that can be charged wirelessly.

  • Our mission

    The combination between wireless charging technology and traditional electronic products are not only change the way people charge their devices, but improve the over-all user experience.

  • Our vision

    Kpon forseens the importance of wireless charging technology in healthcare industry, automotive industry, and electronic industry, and ready to offer customized wireless charging solutions for different requests.

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