Peck Morrison - Apr 06 2022

How to Install Invisible Charger In 1 Minute

Kpon invisible charger is a long-range wireless charging device, that can be installed under your table and other types of furniture such as nightstands, without the need to even use a nail with your furniture. Resounding, you can turn any of your existing furnitures into a wireless charging station. And it is unbelievably easy to do! Using the invisible charger, you get access to the edge-leading resonance wireless charging technology which brings you the most convenience with charging your Qi-devices.

Table of Contents:

1. Conditions For Best Performance

2. Best Practices of Using Invisible Charger

3. Easy Installation in 1 Minute

4. Safety Indicators & Heat Protection

Conditions For Best Performance

To charge your device at Kpon invisible charger's full capability, please make sure the distance between the charger and power sticker is 0.52' - 1.18' (13mm - 30mm), or 0.52' - 0.9' between the charger and the phone if without the sticker. Meanwhile, please make sure the furniture you use it with is not made of metallic material. 

*Some might wonder if the power sticker is necessary?  It depends. The power sticker is there to improve the transfer efficiency and shield your Qi-device from an unwanted magnetic field.  In plain English, you don't need it if your table is thinner than 0.9 inches, and the power sticker come in handy when your table is thicker than that.

You won't have the bulky charger on the table and it's hidden underneath, pretty smart ;)

Best Practices of Using Invisible Charger

Doesn't matter where you install this invisible charger, it provides easy charging and an interesting topic for you and your companies. The most common place for customers to install this charger is their diner table, countertop, nightstand, and gamer desk. Meanwhile, our business partners have been installing this wireless charger with a customized logo on the power sticker on their meeting tables, and sometimes, for customer focus restaurant owners, restaurant tables when they want customers to feel the hospitality and enjoy a fantastic charging experience.

1 Minute Installation

Easy installation with the double-sided sticker that comes with the package in 1 minute. Why would you dig holes on your $200 table just to put a $15 wireless charger in it, and let's be honest, not everyone is good with handcraft...after 3 days of handcraft you might just end up with a broken table, Instead of risking the wellness of your table that passed by your great grandparents, Simply turns your old-fashion gentleman's table into a classy modern charging table.

Get customer attention by clean visual and video

Safety Indicators & Heat Protection

The Futuristic Minimal Charger That Comes With Safety Measures. What does that mean? It means your phone is under the care of heat protection, the foreign body indicator alarms you with that cute little red light. It even reduces the input voltage when your phone reached 80% of the power.

Kpon Invisible Charger takes a couple of steps further to fulfill the needs of our customers and is willing to improve by your advice.

Congratulations, Your Invisible Charger Is Ready!

If you have managed that way – congratulations. You should now have a fully functioning invisible wireless charger. If you want to learn more about our products or our return policy, see below:

Article credit : Peck Morrison - Kpon Marketing Team

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